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Why drown yourself in tabs & browsers, when we can help you to compare loan packages across 15 banks (UOB, OCBC, DBS etc), all at one glance.

Why Should You Refinance?

Lower Interest Rate

Take advantage of interest rates downfall.

Use this opportunity to refinance the current loan to lower your existing interest rates and save money on mortgage expenses. The money that a borrower saves on mortgage expenses can be invested in other financial investments, like what a particular client of ours did! You can find his case study here.

Free Up Cash

Free up cash for day-to-day living expenses.

Pay off debts with high interest rates. A refinanced loan can allow you to cover future expenses such as education costs for yourself or family members, or even a vacation (once it's safe to travel again, of course!)

Make Home Improvements 

Maintaining your home is hard work & costly.

Usually, home owners will pursue a refinance rather than a personal loan to renovate their house because, personal loan may have higher interest rates.

Our Offer

Don’t let technology hold you back. Let us help you.

Comprehensive Screening Procedure


We understand it's a hassle, having to compare all the different loan packages across different banks, which is why we did the work for you.

There are 2 rounds of screenings:

1. Partners Screening
Our partner have screened through all the bank packages available

in the market before deciding on the more competitive ones to offer to our clients.

2. Our Screening
We screen through the packages offered by our 
partner to make sure that it is what our clients need.

One Stop Platform with Professional Network

Refinancing is a very technical activity as it involves multiple stakeholders such as the lawyers and the banks, to name a few.

No matter what your reasons for refinancing may be, our team of dedicated professionals will make sure the process is as stress-free and transparent as possible for you.


Exclusive Rates & Packages

Due to our sheer volume and specialisation, loan packages provided by us are rates that clients may not be able to source outside. 


It is a preferential rate by our preferred partners. 

In fact, if you managed to find one that is lower than ours,

we'll match it!

Andy Lee, 34

Without Ottermise's aid on this, my wife and I would not have been able to achieve our objective.

It had been a great, pleasant experience seeking Ottermise's assistance to acquire an alternative to HDB loans. Not only have they provided valuable insights which broaden our exposure to this subject matter, they have also expressed patience in answering all our enquiries. Thank you once again for your kind assistance.

Elden Seah, 34

The platform offered tremendous help to me and I had my refinancing done and saved $200 every month.

All I need to do is to key in my current loan details and choose one out of the 2 types of rates and VIOLA!! everything just popped out at my eyes. I will encourage my friends and relatives to use this platform to start comparing!

Rajali Bin Salam, 44

Lightened my monthly

expenditure on housing installments!

With Ottermise's great assistance and guidance, I am able to achieve an alternative loan and savings. Greatly appreciate the friendly and efficient services/assistance rendered. They are a dedicated team.


Thank you!

You’d be surprised how a 0.2% change can result in thousands of dollars saved.

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We promise you a hassle free experience. Come give it a try.

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