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Robo-assisted financial management tools that provides everything you need for portfolio optimisation.

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Finding Solutions.

Funding Lifestyle.

Single platform that not only consolidates your portfolio (regardless of seller) but summarises your benefits and provide support wherever necessary.

Are you paying more than necessary? Is your current coverage suitable for your needs?


We review your current portfolio and give you an indication on how relevant and efficient your current portfolio is. In fact, we alert you when you overpay.

Portfolio Optimisation For The Modern


Count on us for the full picture, don't settle for anything less.


See the health of your financial portfolio in one clean overview so you can understand at a glance how well you are doing.

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Stacey Ann Nonis, 39

I can see everything in 1 space for convenience – at 1 glance I can see my coverage and know if I’m doing ok financially – I need to work on my retirement plan and that’s something my advisor and I can work on together now that we’ve covered the bases.

Benedict Ong, 24

Ottermise has been a very useful app for me to import all my insurance and investment policies all under one platform which allows for easier management. The tools on the platform also helps me to calculate my shortfall and how to plan for my goals.

Anthony Joseph Chen, 38

Intuitive app that consolidates information all in one place. Great UI and easy to use. For people too lazy to key in information, you can upload a photo and it's automatically filled up! 

We promise you a hassle free experience.


Come give it a try.

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