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Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Imagine with me, your life is a fresh piece of canvas. What picture will you paint of yourself? Will you be an astronaut, to explore the undiscovered depths of space? Or will you be a doctor, saving countless lives? Will you still choose to be in the same family that you are? Would you have chosen to be born in an ultra-rich celebrity family, or a close- knitted family with a comfortable lifestyle and plenty of time for each other? Our lives are made up of countless choices, but many of us have never sat down to truly imagine what we would have chosen if we were to start afresh. We may never get the chance to make that choice again, or for a fact to choose the kind of family we were born in. But, with Estate Planning, we can make a difference in the lives of those whom we love. Spending a little time and money NOW in planning your estate can yield substantial benefits..

  • You have the opportunity to arrange your estate in such a way as to minimise taxes and estate settlement costs, leaving more of your assets to your family.

  • You are able to accomplish your goals and objectives for the disposition of your assets.

  • Your family can continue to benefit from your knowledge and experience, even after you are gone.

The alternative is to let others - the courts, attorneys - do your estate planning after your death. The end result of this choice is usually increased costs, delays and frustration for your family.

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